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We are ICOMON, ICOM’s committee for museums of numismatics (solely or as part of a larger museum) and museums of financial and economic institutions. In 2018, we celebrate 25 years of international meetings since the committee’s establishment in 1994 under the late Mando Oeconomides.


Mando Oeconomides at the opening of the permanent galleries at the Iliou Melathron, 1998. Copyright Numismatic Museum Athens

The 25th Annual ICOMON meeting is organised in collaboration with the Numismatic Museum in Athens, where Mando Oeconomides was director for 30 years. The establishment of the Museum’s Conservation Department as well as the move of its collections to its current premises, the Iliou Melathron, were made possible thanks to her dedicated service and devotion.

We invite old and new members, ICOMON friends and anyone with an interest in numismatics and museums to joins us in Athens for a four-day day programme of keynote talks, presentations, round table discussions and cultural events. We hope to see you there!



Dr Ute Wartenberg-Kagan delivering the keynote presentation

Event start on

3 October 2018

Time Left To Conference

Conference Programme

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XXV Annual ICOMON Meeting Programme with Abstracts

The conference proceedings will be published on our website in the Spring of 2019.


Registrations are now closed 

XXV Annual ICOMON Meeting Pass (3-days) 180EUR

Day trip to Lavrio & Sounio (Sat 6 Oct) 40EUR

Accompanying person 60EUR

ICOM Young Member Travel Grant

We are delighted to announce that ICOMON is offering two grants for the XXV Annual Meeting, courtesy of ICOM Paris.

Grant 1 – Presentation subsidy

One ICOMON member presenting a paper in the 25th Annual ICOMON Meeting will receive subsidy of up to 1,025EUR to cover airfare, accommodation, one meeting pass and day trip ticket. The grant will provide assistance for airfare (in the most reasonable level of Economy Class), accommodation for the duration of the Meeting and registration fees. Insurance coverage, visa costs, local transportation, meals and other expenses related to the member’s participation will not be covered by this grant, in any circumstances.

Grant 2 -Attendance subsidy

One ICOMON member who will attend the XXV Annual ICOMON Meeting will receive a free early-bird Annual Meeting Pass (135EUR) and a ticket for the Day Trip to Lavrio and Sounio (40EUR). The grantee will have to cover all other expenses (travel, accommodation, insurance coverage, visa costs, local transportation, meals and other expenses related to the members’ participation) with own means. ICOMON will not cover other expenses in any circumstances

Numismatic Museum Athens

An Important Museum in a Historic Building

The Numismatic Museum in Athens is one of the oldest public museums in Greece, established in 1834 along with the National Archaeological Museum. The Museum has some 500,000 artefacts in its collections, with approximately 15,000 items currently on display. The collections consist of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins, sealings, metal weights, lead seals, medals, miniature sculptures and metalwork. Among the Museum’s holdings, over 190,000 coins make up 670 hoards dating from antiquity up to the 20th century.

Iliou Melathron and Heinrich Schliemmann Gallery

Today the Numismatic Museum is housed in the restored Iliou Melathron (the Palace of Troy), a late 19th century neoclassical building by Ernst Ziller, which used to be Heinrich Schliemmann’s residence. Iliou Melathron is renowned for its ornate decorations. The wall and ceiling frescoes are inspired by Pompeian imagery and scenes from ancient greek literature. The floors are covered in mosaics that depict findings from Schliemmann’s excavations. The metalwork around the building is of equal quality. Throughout the 19th and up until the second half of the 20th century, the Numismatic Museum had been part of the National Library, the National Academy, the University of Athens and the National Archaeological Museum respectively.

The Museum and its People

The Museum’s first Director, Achilleas Postolakas (1856-1888), put the foundations of its development and left a significant numismatic legacy. He introduced systematic documentation, made several acquisitions, and published numismatic papers and collection catalogues. His legacy was upheld by all subsequent keepers.

Commemorative Medal of Mando Oeconomedes Iliou Melathron 2017 – Obverse

Mando Oeconomides becomes the Museum’s Director in 1964, whilst it was still housed in the National Archaeological Museum. For the next forty years or so, Oeconomides works tirelessly to make the Museum a centre of numismatic excellence. A designated Conservation Department is set up in the 1970s and remains one of the Museum’s strongest assets to date. The first educational programmes, which mark a breakthrough for numismatics ourteach, are organised by the Museum’s curators in the 1980s.

In 1998, after lengthy and extended restorations, the Numismatic Museum opens its permanent galleries on the first floor of the Iliou Melathron. The logistical challenge of moving the Museum’s full collections, equipment and library was eventually completed in the early 200os. In 2007, several more permanent galleries open on the second floor. Since then, the Numismatic Museum has become a hub of cultural activity for tourists and locals alike with diverse shows, events and programmes hosted in its premises.

Iliou Melathron

El.Venizelou (Panepistimiou) 12,

Athens 106 71

www.nummus.gr | nm@culture.gr | nma@otenet.gr

For any enquiries please email us at icomon.athens@gmail.com

Organising & Scientific Committee

Dr Georgios Kakavas, Director of the Numismatic Museum

Eleni Zapiti, Archaeologist-Curator, ICOMON Chair

Teti Hadjinicolaou, Historian-Ethnologist, ICOM Greece Chair

Dr Effrosyni Nomikou, Archaeologist-Museologist,  ICOMON Secretary

Yorka Nikolaou, Historian-Numismatist, Numismatic Museum

Voula Kalliodi, Archaeologist, ICOM Greece Secretary

Dr Evangeline Markou, Numismatist, Senior Researcher, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Niki Katsikosta, Conservator, Numismatic Museum

Eleni Kontou,  Conservator, Numismatic Museum

Anastassia Ramou, Archaeologist, Numismatic Museum

Secretarial and Administration Support

Margarita Sorotou,  Conservator, Numismatic Museum

Wendalina Karagiannis, Exhibition Developer

Nikos Sougles, IT Support, Numismatic Museum